Friday, June 10, 2011

New Weekly Post: Frugal Fatshionista Friday! - Sonsi Full Figured Fashion Week Edition

I don't know about you, but I'm young, curvy, and broke! BUT that doesnt mean I don't want to look like the sexy fierce woman that I am. We all know that finding great clothes when you're voluptuous is difficult but finding CHEAP, nice clothes is even harder. SO without further ado I usher in Frugal Fatshionista Friday. Now I dont claim to be a stylist I jst like what I like so hopefully one or two of you will too!

Normally I will try to keep the looks under $100 but with Sonsi's Full Figured Fashion Week less than a week away I thought I would put together a look I would LOVE to wear to the White on White Cruise that kicks off the weekend on June 16, 2011. So I upped the ante just a little to $200.

This look is inspired by Salma Hayek's flirty white cocktail dress above!

For the Dress we turn to Macy's, who sadly make it impossible to copy and paste pics so you'll have to click through to see this gorgeous little Suzi Chin number! It retails for $148 but right now use code SUMMER and save 15% making it $126!

Now for the sassy red accents! Pumps from Target for $22.99 and belt from Torrid for $22.50

And the final touch, a pair of textured hoops from Forever 21 for $3.80!!

Now if only I'd discovered these gems 2 weeks ago we'd be in business! Lemme know what you think or maybe what you're wearing Thursday night so I can be on the lookout! :)

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