Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Audition Dresses

As an opera singer I am constantly looking for a good audition dress. The "rules" are different depending on who you ask but in general a fairly conservative, cocktail length, preferably with sleeves... Color is up to you but should flatter your shape and coloring. Ive seen all sorts of looks at auditions and Im not sure your value as a singer ought to be decided based on your attire but first impressions do matter... This is what I went with for today (unfortunately the lighting in this pic doesn't let you see the luscious eggplant color!)... Lets hope the Met agrees with my choice ;-P What do you wear when you want to look your best?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Totally out of season but I want!!

This adorable aqua dress is completely out of season but I want it!! Gotta love Old Navy! Unfortunately they only have 3x and 4x left so maybe some of you lovely ladies can get it and i can live vicariously :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

New TJMaxx in NYC!!!

Today is the Grand Opening of the Columbus Circle TJ Maxx! I was afraid there were going to be hordes of people and I was not wrong! There are a zillion people shopping there right now which makes navigating the aisles quite a nightmare... However if you are lucky enough to score some great finds (like the awesome "leather" jacket above for only $39.99!) the wait for the register is a dream! It looks like the longest line ever but as it is opening day they are VERY efficient and I was probably only in line for 5 minutes. The Plus section is minimal but has some gems including gorgeous Calvin Klein dresses for $49.99. So if you're in NYC and near midtown check out the new TJ Maxx!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday Tuesday...

Ok so the song is called Monday Monday but still... Felt compelled to write since I am ROCKIN' my $10 leopard print skirt from ReDress! I hope everyone out there is having a great day and feeling fabulous. Im feeling a little jealous because my boyfriend is at the Dead Sea right now... Sigh NYC is just not like that.... PS notice the sexy wrist wrap... care of one very feisty mechanical bull!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I LOVE dressing up so I love Halloween!

OK sooooo if your last couple of posts are how you haven't posted something is clearly wrong! Fixing now!

Halloween was a blast this year! My boyfriend and I got dressed up as old school vampires and were stopped on the streets on NYC's East Village and asked to be photographed! We were pretty proud of our costumes! I wore a ball gown scored on sale at Macy's a few years ago for $60 some rockin' jewelry from Forever 21 and a cape purchased on a whim from Target last holiday season.

What did you wear this year?

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Once again I am slacking in my posting! Oy!

First of let me be another amongst the millions to reccommend e-shakti! They have the most amazing and customizable clothes! I haven't purchased anything yet but I have been lusting after many, many items!

Next, Im off to Amish country for the weekend and I have to leave you with this... For a people who are anti electricity they sure have a lot of websites... like

Friday, April 16, 2010


Ok so I'm slacking on the posting! Well its gotta stop!! SOooooooooo I have issued myself a challenge! Next week I will post EVERY day and try to include a post of my outfit for that day! I wish I had a pic of the outfit I'm rockin' today because its pretty fierce... Hmmm maybe I'll get one... stay tuned!

Monday, April 5, 2010

A couple more pin-ups!

Curvalicious Conundrum: Big Girl Syndrome

Do you know anyone who suffers from Big Girl Syndrome? You know what I am talking about but may not have articulated it quite like this before.

Big Girl Syndrome, (BGS) is a latent belief that a plus sized girl will not get attention on her own merits so she develops a grandiose, larger than life, personality to compensate. Now this isn't necessarily a problem but I was thinking about it over the weekend... I was thinking about some friends of mine and how sometimes it was exhausting to "try to compete" with them for attention in a group. Yes, yes, I hear you, why would you want to compete with your friends?? Well, see, I am an opera singer and even if I wasn't a big girl I would already have a big personality. And when you're in a room full of other big personalities it is easy to get lost in the shuffle. Never one to like being on the outside, this can cause me a little anxiety. So, I was thinking about my big personality and the big personalities of some of my nearest and dearest and realized that we all had one thing in common: We are all big girls!

So blog-o-sphere, I ask you, have you noticed this phenomenon or is it just me? Do you think that sometimes plus sized women over compensate for some feelings of inadequacy by being loud, funny, crass? Over-dressing or, ahem, under-dressing? Wearing gaudy jewelry and big hair? Being overly accommodating, talkative, or bringing the topic of conversation around to them? I'm sure it goes the other way as well. Perhaps some women shy away into wallflower land. I know I am guilty of BGS and though all of the adjectives above have negative connotations I don't necessarily thing BGS is a bad thing! Without my big personality I wouldn't be the girl am! I wouldn't have achieved all that I have and I probably wouldn't have the confidence to pursue a life on the stage. BUT I think we can take it a little too far sometimes, cross some lines we don't mean to cross, and get ourselves into awkward situations.

What do you think of BGS?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why did I shower and do my hair if Mother Nature had that covered?

Rainy days...

It is a hideously rainy day here in NYC! I'm glad to be in the office on days like this, of course being under the covers with reruns of The Nanny wouldn't hurt either!

I FINALLY got my self to ReDress this weekend! It is AMAZING. If you aren't familiar with this shop, it is a vintage clothing shop dedicated completely to size 14+. The selection is awesome, the staff is friendly and will give fashion advice, and the prices are not inflated beyond belief! They are also a consignment shop so I took a few things I didn't wear anymore, sold them to them, and walked out with $20 to spend in the store! I can't believe no one had thought of this before! I walked out with a dark green pencil skirt (which I plan to wear tomorrow a-la Mad Men) and a sexy red dress with lace accents! Ill post pics of the skirt tomorrow but you should definitely check them out if you're ever in Brooklyn!

Friday, March 12, 2010


Just for fun! A couple of my favorite curvy blonde  pin-ups! Think it's the same girl?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Getting back to the blog!

Fashion should be for ALL sizes! I know there is this "Curvy" trend in fashion right now which is GREAT for us plus sized girls! BUT why is it that even when it comes to plus models and plus rolemodels that the blondes have to be the thinnest? Is there some unwritten law somewhere that says curvy blondes cant be thick AND sexy? Well I beg to differ!

We had a vintage contest at my work recently and this is what I wore!

Ill try to post outfit pics more often:

Dress: On Clearance at Macy's a few years ago $60
Pearls: Avenue $5
Fur: Vintage Heirloom