Sunday, May 22, 2011

Single's Softball Saturday's

So I joined a co-ed softball league. I find this HI-Larious because I have never played softball! I had friends in Jr High/ High School who played but when they tried to get me to join I said "Uh... no" So here we are some 15 years later and yesterday Im lacing up my sneakers and donning my INCREDIBLY orange team shirt.

Now this is not the most competitive league on the planet but I was still nervous. Turns out there was no need for that! My team is fun, supportive and dont really care that I don't totally know what I'm doing  :) I got to play pitcher and even made some hits and got to 3rd base (insert obvious joke here).

The big part of the league is the post game drinking and socializing which I am pro at so no worries there! Bottom line is, try something new once in a while! You may just discover something new that you like, and if not, have a laugh and a beer and call it a day!

Learn more about the league here!

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