Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hips and Curves: how do I love thee?

If you don't know about Hips and Curves and you have either hips, or curves, you have to go check it out right now! They have the hottest lingerie on the sexiest site this side of the pond (my favorite UK site is Simply Yours) Im putting a burlesque/opera (AKA Operalesque) troupe together and asked if they might want to sponsor us with some costume pieces and guess what! I hope to receive a box of goodies very soon! You see it never hurts to ask for what you want because the WORST thing that could possibly happen is they say no. And then youre no worse off than you were a minute ago. BUT you just might get waht you ask for!

I cannot wait to see what goodies are on their way and to figure out how to incorporate them into the show!!! Im crossing my fingers for some killer corsets... I love you Hips and Curves!


  1. Wait, really?! That's so fun!

  2. YUP! Im very excited! Will post again when the goodies arrive :)