Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Weekly Post! Sephora-Lunch Thursday!

Happy Thursday! The sun decided to shine here in NYC for a few hours today so Im in a pretty good mood! I thought I would start a new weekly post so each and every one of my diligent followers has something to look forward to on Thursday :) so in comes "Sephora-Lunch Thursday"! Each Thursday I will spend my lunch hour scouring Sephora for a new product that I love (though admittedly today's excursion actually occurred pre- "Bridesmaids" last night)

This week's product is Tarte's Four Day Stay Lash Stain. I have very long blond eyelashes and LOVE mascara. it is my Desert Island make-up (PS what's yours?) This lash stain essentially dyes your lashes black for a few days with absolutely ZERO clumping! It really is amazing for beautiful dark lashes without being TOO dramatic. (Not that I don't love me some dramatic lashes!) But I am definitely planning to go back and buy this stuff because it is amazing and at only $18, not too shabby!