Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fat gives things Flavor

I saw this on etsy.com last night and it got me thinking... Julia child was right, I mean, ask any chef how to make a dish taste better and 9 times out of 10 they will tell you, "add more butter!"

Well I am here to tell you that whether you are talking about mashed potatoes or people. Fat really does add Flavor! And by that I mean any sort of "adversity". Think about all of the kids you knew in high school... are you thinking? Good. Now think of what the "popular" kids are doing today (if you don't know take a little jaunt over to Facebook, I'll wait... Ok, are you back? Now think of what all the "nerds", "fatties", "theater/music geeks", "smart kids" etc... are doing today... Who's winning? How many of the "popular kids" are still living in your home town basking in their former glory and how many "nerds" are running Fortune 500 companies and (hopefully) giving back to the 99%? I don't know about you but most of the people I knew growing up that were outside the realm of "normal" are full of Flavor today!

Adversity, challenge, makes you stronger and gives you the Flavor needed to succeed. so bring it on world... I will take anything you have to offer because i've been a fat girl all my life and it never stopped me! I've had enough Flavor to be a cheerleader, sing all over the world, and live in the big bad city of New York all on my own.
I challenge you to find your Flavor, whatever it may be this holiday season!

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