Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The big 3-0

What was turning 30 like through the ages vs today? For those of you turning 30 or getting close or already there, my dear friend (and fabulous author) Kate Quinn has some words for you today on her 30th... "Sure, maybe you're starting to get crow's feet. But look on the bright side: you probably aren't a grandmother. You probably haven't been haven't lost your teeth due to malnutrition, your health due to pumping out eight children in eight years, or your life due to repeated gang rape by enemy warriors. You aren't stuck in a back room weaving till you die, you can choose your own husband, and you have the right to vote. Don't fear thirty. Celebrate it – you've got lots to celebrate. Thirty in the 21st century is pretty goddamn good." - Kate Quinn 

My 3-0 , in February, will be celebrated with friends from all over the country in Sin City, Las Vegas. And let me tell you, my life may not look quite as I thought it would but I am right where I need to be and looking forward to a great decade to come!

What did/will you do for your 30th?

Also: Buy Kate's books here: (they are Awesome!)

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  1. Honestly, I can't remember that far back. Har, har!