Thursday, August 4, 2011

Date My Boss!

My Boss is doing an amazing thing in honor of the 1st anniversary of her 39th year! In order to ramp up her social life she has committed to going on 40 dates by Dec 31. These dont have to be 40 different guys, just 40 dates repeats allowed and welcomed. She is relying on her social media contacts to help set her up as an innovative self marketing campaign. I think it is genius! Ive urged her to blog about it but to no avail... still working on that.

SO Guys listen up!

 In order to score a date with my boss, a successful, home owning, adventurous, petite, brunette you must be:
1. Single
2. Between 30 and 55
3. Over 5' tall
4. Near or willing to travel to NYC

Dates can be as simple as lunch or coffee, drinks, or dancing (she's a great dancer!)

contact me for introductions! Let the dating begin!!

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