Monday, July 25, 2011

One Month and 17 pounds later...

... I'm back on the blog and back on the wagon. The past few months have been rough for the weight loss, which I was ok with given i'd lost so much and my body needed to get comfortable where I was. But this morning before my very first 6AM boot camp class I stepped on the scale, (I needed a reason for getting up at 515 only to torture my body...) and saw a horrifying number... 17lbs higher than my lowest since Dec...

So here I am back on the wagon and back on the blog. i need my community to keep me honest and frankly to remind me I'm doing this for me and for health and not just to "look hot so I can get a date"

PS I had no idea there was life before 9am. i wanted to hi five all the other people walking to the gym at 545am... "Look at us! We are badass!"


  1. Props to you for getting up so early... I need to get motivated and hit the gym more.

  2. girlfriend, you can do it!!

  3. Thanks Ladies! Its rough let me tell you BUT my arms are already looking amazing! I hate push ups but man do they work!!