Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why did I shower and do my hair if Mother Nature had that covered?

Rainy days...

It is a hideously rainy day here in NYC! I'm glad to be in the office on days like this, of course being under the covers with reruns of The Nanny wouldn't hurt either!

I FINALLY got my self to ReDress this weekend! It is AMAZING. If you aren't familiar with this shop, it is a vintage clothing shop dedicated completely to size 14+. The selection is awesome, the staff is friendly and will give fashion advice, and the prices are not inflated beyond belief! They are also a consignment shop so I took a few things I didn't wear anymore, sold them to them, and walked out with $20 to spend in the store! I can't believe no one had thought of this before! I walked out with a dark green pencil skirt (which I plan to wear tomorrow a-la Mad Men) and a sexy red dress with lace accents! Ill post pics of the skirt tomorrow but you should definitely check them out if you're ever in Brooklyn!

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